Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kid vs. Wild

     Do you know what to do if you get lost in the wilderness?  Well 4th graders do!  On a recent trip to Jefferson County Park, students learned skills to help them survive if they get lost in the wilderness.  They learned how to use leaves and pine needles to stay warm, how to build a proper shelter, and what to use to build a fire.

Educational and Messy!

        Can students make a mess and still learn at the same time?  Of course they can!!  IN a fun pumpkin math activity, students did various stations related to math and a pumpkin.  The results, new math skills with a little fun on the side.


Congratulations KR

On a number walk around the neighborhood, Mrs. Ryan's kindergarten class came upon a house that was on fire.  They remained calm, called the fire department, and saved the house from burning down.  Way to go KR!!

Where does it go?

        In science class, students learned that plants and animals are classified based on features that they have.  It is hard to understand that there are many ways to classify until you actually do it.  An attempt to sort beans was had by 5 different groups.  In these 5 groups only 2 groups had the same classifying system for the exact same beans.  This was a great hands-on way to see the many different ways things can be classified.

Great Debate

        Studying the three branches of government isn't an easy task.  So instead of reading about it, students lived the part.  Broken into the the three branches of government, students tried to create a bill for the classroom.  The hard part, getting everyone to agree on what the bill should be about.  There was great debate on what they should write the bill about.  After the senate agreed, they passed it on to the judicial.  The judicial branch then had to deice whether or not it was fair to everyone.  Several times the bill was sent back to the senate to fix.  After a great debate, a bill was finally passed on to the executive branch (teachers), to see if it would get vetoed.  After several vetoes, it finally made it to a bill for the class.