Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to do with all that rain?

Fourth grade students have been studying rain and its effect on flooding for the past couple of months.  They have been learning new words such as "saturation" and "watershed" and the impact these two words on flooding.  Students then studied where the rain went after a downpour.  Since rain is more natural then water out of a hose, and rain is free, students were asked to design a contraption that would catch the rain.  After everyone shared their designs, the class was broken into two groups.  They were then given a bag full of items, and a barrel, to design a rain barrel that could be used to water the plants at school.  After many struggles and trials, a design was finally agreed upon.

 When construction was finally started, the two groups marked out their barrels and began to build.  After an hour the two groups had constructed two rain barrels that could be placed underneath a downspout to collect the rain water.  Since the barrels were an ugly blue color, the students put their stamp on each barrel by painting a picture on the side.

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