Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water, Mud and Fun!

Even though Mother Nature tried to deter us again, we finally made it out for our second installment of the Wetland field trips.  The rain held off and the wind died down long enough for us to hunt down some animal tracks, find the differences between rushes and sedges, and even had a little time for a pond study.   The students even got to taste a plant from the wetland.
 Therese posing and teaching the class about Duckweed, the smallest flowering plant in the wetland.
 Snipping the end off to see if it a rush or a sedge.  The students learned the rushes are round, and sedge have edges.
 Therese is showing the class what a growing cattail looks like.  They even found out that these plants are edible, they taste like cucumbers. "Wheres the ranch?"
 Students placed plaster in an animal track.  They let the plaster dry and they got to take the casting of the track home.

 Students tried to net wetland life from the pond.

Students netted bugs, tadpoles, craw daddies, and even a small fish. 

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