Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water, Mud and Fun!

Even though Mother Nature tried to deter us again, we finally made it out for our second installment of the Wetland field trips.  The rain held off and the wind died down long enough for us to hunt down some animal tracks, find the differences between rushes and sedges, and even had a little time for a pond study.   The students even got to taste a plant from the wetland.
 Therese posing and teaching the class about Duckweed, the smallest flowering plant in the wetland.
 Snipping the end off to see if it a rush or a sedge.  The students learned the rushes are round, and sedge have edges.
 Therese is showing the class what a growing cattail looks like.  They even found out that these plants are edible, they taste like cucumbers. "Wheres the ranch?"
 Students placed plaster in an animal track.  They let the plaster dry and they got to take the casting of the track home.

 Students tried to net wetland life from the pond.

Students netted bugs, tadpoles, craw daddies, and even a small fish. 

What to do with all that rain?

Fourth grade students have been studying rain and its effect on flooding for the past couple of months.  They have been learning new words such as "saturation" and "watershed" and the impact these two words on flooding.  Students then studied where the rain went after a downpour.  Since rain is more natural then water out of a hose, and rain is free, students were asked to design a contraption that would catch the rain.  After everyone shared their designs, the class was broken into two groups.  They were then given a bag full of items, and a barrel, to design a rain barrel that could be used to water the plants at school.  After many struggles and trials, a design was finally agreed upon.

 When construction was finally started, the two groups marked out their barrels and began to build.  After an hour the two groups had constructed two rain barrels that could be placed underneath a downspout to collect the rain water.  Since the barrels were an ugly blue color, the students put their stamp on each barrel by painting a picture on the side.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wetlands Rescheduled

Due to mother natures temper tantrum Friday April 15th, we will now be going to wetlands Wednesday April 20th.  The trip will be from 10:30-1:00.  We will be out there during the lunch hour so students will need to pack lunches.  They will also need to pack an extras set of clothes, hat, gloves and coat.  Many students were under dressed during the last trip and got cold.

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Students in fourth grade partook in a yearly event to heighten the awareness of poverty in developing countries.  Students went one full school day without wearing shoes to simulate what children their age in these countries go through everyday.  They went to lunch, to PE, to music and recess without shoes.  By the end of the day the students were asked the significance of this activity and had to journal over what they learned.

For more information check out the One Day Without Shoes website: