Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preparing For the Wetlands

In just over 3 weeks 4th grade students will get the opportunity to invade the wetlands!  They will not be going there to trample through the mud or splash in the water (though both may happen), they are there to learn the significance of the wetland on themselves and the world around them.

With the help of Ducks Unlimited, Therese Cummiskey and Gloria Countryman, a series of classroom visits and wetland trips have been set up to let the students interact and explore an actual wetland.  Therese and Gloria have already been in the classrooms once to explain the many different roles that a wetland takes on.  In the near future they will be in again to demonstrate the proper way to use binoculars and explain what is going to take place when the students get to the actual wetlands.

With the first outdoor trip rapidly approaching here are some things to keep in mind:
  • make sure that your child has proper rubber boots, winter boots will not be allowed
  • keep an eye on the weather, students must be dressed properly for the weather
  • students need to wear old clothing, there is a chance that they will get wet and/or muddy
  • pack a full extra set of clothes for the day
The first trip is planned for the week of March 14th!